Saturday, March 2, 2013

OOTD: Friday Night Date | A Gwynnie Bee Review

My first experience and package from Gwynnie Bee.
Today I received my first package during my free trial, from Gwynnie Bee.  At first, I had numerous issues with items I put into my garment bag being out of stock, however "D" from Gwynnie Bee came to the rescue.  Not only did she lead me to styles in stock, I was also given an extra free month trial.  Cheers to Gwynnie Bee, and a huge Thank You to "D" for making my experience absolutely amazing!

On to the outfit, right?  It is a beautiful Alfani brand Navy Lace Empire Waist Dress.  I absolutely love the dress itself, however I must say, I requested the 3X, which I received, however for a 3X it was very fitting, so you may want to size up, just in case. There is also a small slip under neath the lace dress itself, which as you can see is not see through, and extremely comfortable!

I paired this cute dress, with accessories from Versona, (of course) tights from Forever 21+, and my new NYX Sweet Pink lipstick!

Our big date night consisted of a nice dinner at home, and a trip to Barnes and Noble.  We are currently celebrating our successful, madly in love, One Year Wedding Anniversary!  The Hubby was quite surprised, as dresses are a new thing for me, as well as tights, but also the sock bun and pink lips.  As you can see below, this entire transformation of self acceptance, and venturing outside of said comfort zone is really empowering my heart to keep going!

My current love is all things NYX, when it comes to makeup.  Donning their Smokey Eyes, eye shadow palette, which went perfectly with this dress!

The picture below really says it all.  I felt so beautiful inside and out, and as I know being plus size, and the self acceptance journey can be trying at times, I have transformed and continue to be determined to keep all my thinking positive!

Have you tried Gwynnie Bee?  You can actually sign up right now, and get an extra garment for free right now!  Try it out and let me know what you think, and if you have any concerns, or have tried them before, given them a try again! I will be exceeding my free trial, as I love the ladies that work so hard behind the scenes!  Thank you Gwynnie Bee!


  1. I LOVE this dress, and I love it on you. Beautiful;

  2. Ooh very fancy! What a lovely outfit. Happy anniversary and wishing you many more years of marital bliss! x x

  3. You look beautiful and so happy. I would kill to have your skin.

    The dress really looks great.

  4. First, that dress looks fabulous. I think it hugs your curves in the right places. Second, because of your mention of the sock bun, I looked up how to do it. So easy and it looks great!

  5. You look amazing! Happy Anniversary!

    Gwynnie Bee sounds like such a great way to try out new things, with little risk. I haven't tried it yet, but I probably will down the line. Trying to reduce the amount of stuff/packages coming into the apartment right now, ha ha.

  6. This is such a good combination! I love the dress and how you styled it!

    I love NYX too! My 2 favourite lipsticks are from the NYX Matte range!

  7. I came across your site when I looked for Gwynnie Bee customers reviews. You are such a cutie! I just love the way your eyes sparkle - you look so comfortable in your own skin. I wish I had your confidence!


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